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From: (Norm Pyle)
Subject: Dry vs. Liquid, What else?
Date: 1992-03-10 16:17:33 GMT (Jack Schmidling) writes:

...lots of stuff about how dry yeast _should_ be able to be produced in a
pure form, then...

> That was the end of my original posting sans about two pages of counter flame.

And _that_ is *most* appreciated.

...and more about why dry yeast _should_ be able to be produced in a pure
form, then...

>So why, if it is so easy, has it not been done, if indeed, it has not?

It comes down to (surprise!) the almighty dollar. The bread makers, both
commercial and home bakers, are quite happy, I believe, with the quality of
the bread yeasts. The only lot who desire improvement are the brewers, and I
mean the home brewers. The commmercial brewers have no need for a quality
dry yeast because they have a good handle on culturing their own pure
yeast. The homebrewer is the only market for such a product, and until now,
the market is too small for the capital investment risk. Note that I say
"until now". It is very possible that work will commence in this area and
produce the pure dry yeast that you seek, but it will take $$$'s. Are you
willing to invest your hard-earned (or easily-inherited) dollars to this
cause? Do you believe it to be a viable business? The government obviously
isn't going to invest the research money (they've got better things to do
with your money), how about you? All of this is, of course, just MHO.


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