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From: R_GELINAS@UNHH.UNH.EDU (Russ Gelinas)
Subject: mash/lauter tun, Bud
Date: 1992-03-10 18:28:05 GMT

I made a lauter tun this weekend out of a 10 gall. cylindrical water
cooler and a stainless steel bowl. I punched about 50 holes in the bowl
(be careful, the burred edges are *sharp*, ouch!), and set it on a small
inverted plate in the cooler. Too snug to fit in at first, but a cut
in the rim of the bowl allowed it to overlap, and then it can be made snug
again. It worked great! Pour whole mash and all sparge water right into it,
let sit for 10 minutes, and let it drain. Recycle some. What a breeze!
Seeyalater Zapap! I've heard that it's possible to also mash in the cooler.
How is that done? Seems to me it would be hard to get an even mix, and there's
a fairly large space under the strainer-bowl that would be just liquid, no
grains. Perhaps that really has little effect? It would be nice to do an
infusion/sparge all in one container.....

What is the difference between Budvar, and European Budweiser? I ask
because I was just given a bottle of Budweiser from, it appears, Czechslovakia.
Budvar is a different beer, yes?


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