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From: (Rob Winters)
Subject: wyeast packaging
Date: 1992-03-10 18:42:27 GMT

In HBD #839, (Brian Bliss) writes:

>However, I concurr with Jack S. and personally beleive that wyeast
>"purity" is a myth. My first package was an english ale yeast, and the
>starter went sour. I ordered another (dated the same), and by the
>time it arrived (2 days max w/o refigeration, during april), the
>outer package had already swelled completely up, but the inner
>one was unbroken, and the package was obviously infected.

In HBD #838, smithey@rmtc.Central.Sun.COM (Brian Smithey) writes:

>On 4 Mar 92 15:22:30 EST (Wed), GC Woods <> said:

>[ starting Wyeast ]

>>packet. At one point I had my entire weight (140lb) on the packet and
>>nothing happened (I was impressed that the outside packet held), so then
>>I tried to isolate the inner packet at one end and squeeze, but the
>>outside packet broke. Unlike Ray I used the inner packet in a starter
>>hope there is enough nutrient to get it going!

>Maybe now the debate can finally be settled -- is the yeast in the
>inner packet or the outer? Geoff, let us know in a few days whether
>or not your "yeast" ferments your starter.

A description of Wyeast in a homebrew catalog that I have (BREWHAUS,
Knoxville, TN) reads:

... "The bag kit contains a small plastic bag of nutrient solution
within a larger bag containing yeast cells in suspension. The yeast
ferments within the large bag when activated by breaking the inner bag
of nutrient." ...

If that's the case, then G.C. must either have a dead batch or bathtub
gin by now. Also, Brian's YEAST was infected with NUTRIENT, and not the
other way around.

Is any confirmation available yet? Someone affiliated with Wyeast would
surely know.

Rob Winters

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