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From: John Post <>
Subject: No more BudMillCoorschlitz bashing, please!
Date: 1992-03-10 19:58:00 GMT

I've read this Digest for a long time, and have observed the following dichotomy
consistently time and time again:

"We as homebrewers try to maintain a personna of casual tolerance of others,
both recipes, techniques, and attitudes. However, this personna has the
unfortunate habit of loving to hate the large brewers of the U.S."

While I'm not partial to BudMillCoorschlitz myself, nevertheless, these brewers
are extremely adept at consistently producing classic examples of North American
lagers. This is a recognized style of beer, (and, BTW, VERY difficult for the
homebrewer to duplicate), and should be accorded some degree of respect, however

I have toured several breweries belonging to the Big Three, and have always been
impressed with the enthusiastic response of brewery personnel when they find out
that I'm a homebrewer. One brewery chemist (from A-B, no less!) went way out of
his way to help me answer a question, consulting with his collegues at other
brewery locations and calling me back a week later...So much for the Big Brother
Brewery attitude so often expressed here...

Just because we make our own beer, doesn't mean we make better beer (Ask a beer
judge!). Besides, how many of us guzzled BudMillCoorschlitz like crazy before we
figured this homebrew thing out? Think about it!

Flames eagerly accepted. Please forward to

Carpe Beerum!
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