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From: (John R. Pierce)
Subject: A (gasp) actual Bud Bowl IV Winner!!
Date: 1992-03-11 19:30:34 GMT

Even though this has absolutely nothing to do with HOMEBREW beer, I
thought y'all'd be amused by what I got in the mail yesterday.

My winning ticket in the silly SpudzBowl contest returned me $20...
Seems they got 5,4xx winners total, some guy in Ill. won the $1,000,000
and the rest of us split the $100,000 (which came to $18.xx which they
actually rounded up to $20!).

And on the questionnaire on the back of the winning card, I checked
[X] Other _________________ and filled in "Sierra Nevada Pale Ale"
for my favorite beer. I figured they'd throw me out for sure... ;-)

Or (gasp) maybe they'll try and buy Sierra to go with Budvar ??? (bad

On a slightly different note, someone told me that Spuds new Spokesperson,
Kathy Ireland, is a Homebrewer herself. I find that hard to beleive!


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