From the HBD Archive
From: (Gene Schultz)
Subject: Full Sail Golden Ale recipe
Date: 1992-03-11 22:47:44 GMT

In HBD #825 I posted a recipe for a Full Sail Golden Ale taste-alike.
(I neglected in the posting to state that the recipe was for Full Sail
*Golden*, not Full Sail Amber or Brown Ale.) Anyway, I received a
number of interesting and helpful responses to my posting. One of the
most enlightening of these responses was from someone who had obtained
some information from Hood River Brewing Company suggesting that some of
the ingredients used in Full Sail Golden Ale are different from the
ones indicated in my recipe. The source of this information, which
indicates that Hallertau and Tettnanger hops are used in both Full Sail
Golden and Amber ales, is a *coaster* from the brewery itself. My recipe
calls for nugget hops, however, because the *label* on Full Sale Golden
Ale bottles states that nugget hops are used.

Can anyone help us resolve this contradictory information? I have been
told that "Jamie" of the Hood River Brewing Company could do so--does
anyone know how to get in touch with him?

Thanks in advance,

Gene Schultz
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

P.S.--Meanwhile, I just tasted the first bottle of the second batch of
ale I have made with the recipe I posted, and the taste is pretty
similar (albeit not quite as succulent tasting as Full Sail Golden
Ale). My impression is that the Hallertau/Tettnanger hops taste is
pretty evident in the *amber* ale, but I can't pick up this taste in
the *golden* ale. I could be wrong, though, and am curious about the
outcome of this one...

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