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Subject: Help! I'm about to worry!
Date: 1992-03-11 23:47:33 GMT

Howdy all-
This is my first time on HBD. I've gotton some pretty good info here, and
hope that some of you kind souls (snicker snicker) can help with a possible
problem I'm having with my latest batch.

I'm new to brewing. I brewed my 5th batch Monday night. (3-9) My problem
is a possible stalled fermentation. I don't know if I should repitch (not
an option because I don't have access to same yeast), or stir it up some
or do I have 5 gallons of bacteria infested waste?

I'm using the same recipe I used for my second batch. The only real difference
is that I'm using liquid yeast for the first time. (WYeast European Ale)
I used Edme for my previous batches, but wanted to try something new
because by homebrew smelled more like a bakery than hops and barley. Also
because I'm going to start all grain brewing in a couple of weeks and wanted to experiment now.

It took 24 hours to show any activity. This activity has amounted to a
kreusen that never quite made it to the blow-off tube. Usually get 1-2
quarts of blow-off w/Edme. I'm geting about one bubble every 20-30 seconds
36 hours after I pitched. I broke the inner pack Sunday and it swelled
to the brink of exploding by pitching time. A friend suggested I may
have left some bleach in the carboy, but I doubt it.

Another strange thing with this batch is that the O.G. was much lower
than the earlier batch using the same recipe. This batch 1.032 the
earlier batch 1.045. The recipe was the same except I used .25 lb less
crystal in the last batch.
7 lbs light malt extract (Scottish, bulk)
*1 or .75 lb crystal barley
1/4 c roasted barly
2 oz fuggles (boil 60min)
1.5 oz halatauer (sp) (finish)
1 tsp Irish moss.

Thanks for your time and effort. I look forward to your replies. BTW is
there anyone out there from the Seattle area that can send me info on
HB clubs. I'm interested in trading homebrews.

Kelly Connell--

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