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From: roberts%studguppy@LANL.GOV (Doug Roberts @ Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Subject: Extra Rich Crystal
Date: 1989-09-08 17:43:32 GMT

Mike Fertsch asks:

> Is 'rich crystal' just a darker version of 'ordinary crystal'? I've
> noticed a WIDE variation in color in crystal malts.

So far as I can tell, it's just crystal that has been roasted at a
slightly higher temperature. Great Fermentations sells three kinds of
crystal malted barley: light, medium, and extra rich. Also, the
crystal has a number associated with it: 20 for light, 40 for medium,
and 90 for extra rich. I don't know what the number stands for,

I tasted the different crystal grains, and the extra rich was more
caramel-like, while the light had a, well, lighter flavor.


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