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From: R_GELINAS@UNHH.UNH.EDU (Russ Gelinas)
Subject: lots o stuff
Date: 1992-03-12 15:18:11 GMT

How many gallons in the brewery unit, bbl?

The Czech Budweiser bottle I got had Budvar in smaller letter on the
label. Nice brew, lighter than I expected, but still thick as mud compared
to the US version.

I've got a fridge that has 2 settings, below 0 and off. How do the
Hunter Energy monitors et. al. work; are they just automatic ways of
unplugging the fridge when it gets too cold, or do they work more internally?

Thanks to the IBU/HBU/AAU discussion, I've realized why my last few brews
have been too bitter: I went to full boils, but never decreased my hopping
rates! Thanks folks.

Re. Kathy Ireland commercial: It's actually a good ad for Guinness
when they all hesitate as she says Bud is the national beer of Ireland.

Re. spraying droplets to reduce dust: Does that mean that when my
brewroom gets full of steam from boiling wort, it's helping clean the
air? I already knew it was cleaning the walls (the concrete gets dripping

Finally, Jack asks Why Wyeast doesn't mass produce a simple ale yeast?
Could it be they are not really all that interested in going "big time", but
are more into the enjoyment of providing an interesting variety of clean yeast?
Big time supplying means getting into the whole rat race of advertising
and pushing your product, and getting caught in economic cycles and .....
all things that can get in the way of enjoying your work. If I was Dave L.,
I wouldn't try to go for quantity. I'm not trying to give him any altruistic
properties he may not have (I don't know him at all), but there are some
people in the "marketing" business who are not just out to make gobs of money.

Finally (again): If the yeast is in the outer Wyeast packet, then why
not just cut it open *wihout* ever breaking the inner seal, and just make
a starter yourself? You should make a starter eventually anyway....

Russ the longwinded

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