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From: Glenn A. Tremblay 12-Mar-1992 1052 <>
Subject: Cornelius Keg info please
Date: 1992-03-12 15:53:39 GMT

I would greatly appreciate if any of you Cornelius keg
users could pass on some of your knowledge on how to setup, test
and use this system. I just purchased all the parts I need and
am about to hook it all together and prepare to us it. I'd like
to utilize all that wonderful learned experience out there to
increase my success rate of using this new system.

Although I'm looking for any useful information, I do have some
specific questions.

Should I expect these systems to be totally leak free? For instance,
should I always leave the pressure on? Or do you turned it off when
not in use (and expect it to hold the original pressure)? Assuming
the beer is carbonated and is not absorbing any more C02.

Pressures. Someone posted a real informative note about adjusting
the beverage hose length to control faucet (tap) pressure. From this
I understand that I should have a keg pressure of 10-12 PSI and
a faucet pressure of about 4 PSI. Is this correct?

Is it ok to "larger" brew in these kegs for extended periods of

Where can I get a "rebuild" kit for my used kegs? Is there a well
known source? Or should I contact my local beverage dealer?

Thanx in advance for *any* keg related information.

/Glenn Tremblay

BTW, I purchased my equipment from Superior Products, a wholesaler
of restaurant and bar equipment. They carry all sorts of beer
related supplies. They will sell to the genral public and have a
catalog. Their number is 800-328-9800 for anyone that might be
interested. (...insert standard disclaimer here).

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