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From: Eric Mintz <ericm@bach.ftcollinsco.NCR.COM>
Subject: What helps you in competitions?
Date: 1992-03-12 16:13:36 GMT

>From: (John DeCarlo)

>So, how do you determine what is technically better? You do
>studies, with as many factors controlled as possible, and with as
>little known to those tasting the results as possible. Some
>clubs have sponsored these studies, some are done for magazines
>such as _zymurgy_. But in general, there is no funding for
>homebrewers to perform these types of studies (any advice on
>applying for a grant to do this?).

[motherhood and apple pie on]
IMHO, one of the fascinating elements of home-brewing is experiment and
discovery. Sure, less experienced home-brewers will try what the more
experienced brewers suggest but, then, it is up to each individual to
decide what works (favorably) and what doesn't. That's the fun. Then,
of course, another part of the fun is to convince others that you have
discovered the magic technique :-) :-)
[motherhood and apple pie off]

[soap-box on]
So, when we disagree on stuff (e.g. dry vs. liquid yeast), we should
realize that the person on the other end is as passionate about brewing
as we are and is in search of the holy brew just like us. Even when we
"know" the other is "wrong", just remember that half the fun of
home-brewing is finding out from one's own experimentation rather than
finding out from another's. If brewing were a cut-and-dry process, than
the fun would be gone.
[soap-box off]

- --Eric

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