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From: Eric Mintz <ericm@bach.ftcollinsco.NCR.COM>
Subject: Flavor profiles of roasted malts and barley
Date: 1992-03-12 16:51:39 GMT

From: (jack schmidling)

> I know nothing about "profiles" but I would be amazed if two ounces of
> roasted barley could be detected by even the most gifted nose.

I have been working on a stout recipe over the last several months. On
my second to last attempt, I reduced the amount of chocolate malt from
6oz to 4oz -- 6oz tasted a little strong but 4oz was about right (I
wanted just a slight hint of chocolate malt flavor). Caveats: other
things changed as well from batch (e.g. mash temps, different yeast,
etc.) to batch so this was by no means a controlled experiment.

A suggestion: try your experiment again (side by side taste tests using
different roasted grains) but use smaller amounts. I suspect that the
grains tend to taste the same (burnt!) when used in high concentration.
If you try this, I would be very interested to hear your findings!

- --Eric

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