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From: Crawford.WBST129@Xerox.COM
Subject: Re: mashing mystery
Date: 1989-09-08 13:05:14 GMT

>From: Pete Soper <>

>why should these malts be mashed with regular malts and the
dextrin->maltose >enzymes the regular malts contain? Surely this causes all
or part of the
>specialty malt's dextrins to be converted to simple, fermentable sugars?

I can't remember the reason for dextrin malt but as for crystal malt not
the starch is converted when it is made. There is still a good percentage
starch that isn't converted. The starch that is converted is then
carmelized by the high kiln temperature and cannot be converted by the
enzymes or fermented by yeast and that is what gives the sweetness to the

>Can anyone recommend a book that describes the differences between
>different styles of beer? E.g. Maerzen, Trappist, Bock, Alt, etc. I'd
>like something pretty detailed, that describes what gives each style
>its individual character."

Another good source is Dave Miller's boot "The Complete Handbook of
(I think that's the right title). He gives a short description of some
and follows with his recipe for that style. The only problem is the
recipes are
all-grain or partial-extract recipes.

>The Essentials of Beer Style" written by Fred Eckhardt has very specific
>descriptions of different beer styles along with things like starting and
>finishing gravity, color, bitterness

I haven't been able to get a copy of this. I ordered it about a year ago
Zymurgy) and they just sent my money back saying it wouldn't be available
next year.

Greg Crawford

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