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From: (Bryan Gros)
Subject: honey basil ale--results
Date: 1992-03-12 18:15:15 GMT

About my request for information on beer styles, most people said
Fred Eckhard's book, and I will get this. Also, a couple of people
said that the latest Zymurgy Special Issue is on beer styles, but
were unsure as to its value.

The Honey Basil Ale that I made and posted the recipe to a while
back was finally sampled. The result is good beer!

I used one ounce of basil, about a third of the "bunch" I bought
at the grocery store. This was sweet basil. The beer had a huge
basil aroma, and quite a strong basil taste. It was slightly
bitter, but not too bad. I primed with 1/2 cup honey, and the
carbonation is good. There is really no honey taste, however.
I think all the basil and hops cover over the honey flavor.

So I will make a couple of changes next time (less basil, less
hops), but I will recommend the beer. We'll see how it ages.

And to whoever was looking for "Italian beer", I don't really
know what that is. But I have seen several recipes for beer
with garlic, and the above basil beer would be good with
Italian foods.

Recipe available upon request.
- Bryan

p.s. The pub at which I had the original Honey Basil ale now has
a fennel porter. I didn't care for it too much, with the heavy
licorice (sp?) flavor, but some might.

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