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From: Gordon Baldwin <!sherpa2!gbaldwin>
Subject: Low Yield
Date: 1992-03-12 18:20:19 GMT

I have been getting a low yield out of my grain and I expect it to be in
my sparging. The malt ingredients are :

8 lb klages
1/2 lb crystal
1/2 lb munich

I do an infusion mash for about 45 minutes in 2.5 gallons water. The iodine
test shows full conversion. I then dump the whole mess out to my ZapPap
lauter tun. I then slowly pour in my 4 gallons 170 degree sparg water,
keeping the level of the water above the grain bed. I open the tap on
the bottom bucket all the way and the water dumps through in about 15
minutes. I don't recycle any of the runnings.

My sg after my 45 minute boil is only 1.032. This seems to be way to low
after looking at various recepies. I think I should be getting above
1.040. Does anyone have a good description of using the ZapPap? Am I not
letting it sit long enough (ie letting it run too fast ?) My grain is
well cracked. I crack it using the roller mill at The Cellar brew shop
it cracks the grain well without powdering the husks. I checked the
grind with the pictures in TCJoHB and if anything mine is cracked
smaller. But then again I have never had a problem with a stuck sparge.

Gordon Baldwin

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