From the HBD Archive
From: Rob Malouf <>
Subject: Wyeast woes
Date: 1992-03-12 18:54:00 GMT

I think part of the problem certain people are having with Wyeast is that they
have been reading the HBD too much. Posts about Wyeast seem to fall into two
classes: complaints about faulty packaging, bacterial contamination, and odd
mutations, and unsupported claims about Wyeast's overwhelming superiority to
dried yeasts. I can see why this might appear contradictory and dogmatic.
Perhaps those of us who have used Wyeast with no problems should speak up.
Switching to Wyeast was the single best thing I did to improve my beer. It
made a bigger difference than switching to all-grain brewing. I have never had
any problems with the packaging, I have never had a contaminated batch with
Wyeast, and I have never noticed any inconsistencies in the behavior of the
yeast strains. I actually spend less on yeast now than I did when I use dried
yeast. I have found that I really like their Chico Ale yeast (#1056), and I use
it for everything but weizens. Before I learned better yeast culturing
techniques, I kept the slurry from batch to batch in a mason jar in the back of
my fridge. Sometimes it sat there for months between batches, and I never had
any trouble with contamination or mutation. I've used packages well past their
expiration date, and they have always swelled up within a few days. I even
once used a package that had survived a week-long unrefrigerated move in the
heat of August! Now, maybe I've just been amazingly lucky, but I don't think
you should let all the horror stories about Wyeast scare you.

Rob Malouf

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