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From: Martin A. Lodahl <pbmoss!mal@hplabs.HP.COM>
Subject: I'm So Infused ....
Date: 1989-09-08 22:48:32 GMT

I just finished reading Greg Noonan's "Brewing Lager Beer", an
outstanding book for the technically inclined. The reason I bought
it was to learn the differences between the "infusion", "decoction",
and "step" mashing systems, which in other books is usually disposed
of in a few lines. By his own admission, Noonan is of the decoction
persuasion, while the process I've been mainly following (which I'd
always thought was infusion) seems most closely related to the step
mash, as he defines it.

The principal difference seems to be that in the step mash the whole
mash volume is heated to various temperatures and held there while
the enzymes do their thing, while in the decoction mash, a portion
of the mash is boiled, then re-introduced as a means of raising the
mash temperature. Noonan maintains that certain processes can't be
properly conducted without boiling some of the mash, whereas
others anathematize the very notion of boiling the grains!

I assume most of us are step/infusion mashers. Has anyone tried
both the step/infusion method, and decoction as well? What were
your findings? What method do you generally use now? Thanks ...

And if my Porter turns out as expected, I'll post the recipe soon.

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