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Subject: Rust in your brew pot
Date: 1992-03-13 00:18:13 GMT

> From: mmlai!lucy!gildner@uunet.UU.NET (Michael Gildner)
> I've got an enamaled porcelain brew pot with a quarter sized chip in
> the bottom. Every time I take the pot out to brew a batch I've got to
> work hard to remove the recently formed rust on the exposed steel. Does
> anyone have any suggestion (aside from buying a new pot) on how to fix
> the porcelain? In the mean time, will a little rust be harmful to the
> wort?

I have a similar chip on the inside of my smallest enamaled pot. I
haven't had any problem with it so my advice (and this is not
original) is not to worry about it. This is not to say that there
is not the _potential_ for problems (e.g. metalic taste in your
beer) but rust isn't really terrible stuff. It doesn't hold unbound
oxygen (which is why tetnus lives in rust) and any beasties that
are living in the porous material are going to be boiled to death
anyway. I wouldn't ferment in a rusty pot but boiling in a pot with
a little rust isn't likely to ruin your beer.

If it bothers you you could try putting epoxy over the rusted area
but be aware that beasties can live in scratches in epoxy too.

It is possible to re-enamal metals and I know some home jewlry makers
that do enamal but I suspect that it's not worth the trouble.

Geoff Reeves
Atomic City Ales
Los Alamos NM

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