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From: (jack schmidling)
Subject: Rust, Taxes
Date: 1992-03-13 03:05:00 GMT

To: Homebrew Digest
Fm: Jack Schmidling

>From: mmlai!lucy!gildner@uunet.UU.NET (Michael Gildner)

Hey there, I've got an enamaled porcelain brew pot with a quarter sized chip
in the bottom..... In the mean time, will a little rust be harmful to the

We know what the mom's are going to say but I took the plunge and bought a 10
gal SS pot for precisely the same reason. However, now that I have gotten
used to two kettle brewing, I can't part with the rusty old one. I use it
for mashing and the new one for boiling.

As I can't tell ale from lager, I couldn't be expected to notice a little
rust in my beer but I suspect most of the moms wouldn't either.

>From: (Norm Pyle)

>It is very possible that work will commence in this area and
produce the pure dry yeast that you seek, but it will take $$$'s.....

> The government obviously isn't going to invest the research money (they've
got better things to do with your money),.....

I hadn't noticed.


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