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From: David Collins <>
Subject: An Alternative to Dry/Liguid Yeast?
Date: 1992-03-13 14:13:01 GMT

Reading all the Dry vs. Liquid yeast posts reminded me of a letter that
appeared in Zymurgy a few years back. I couldn't dig up the issue, so I'll
try to recall the main points of this letter.

The letter was written by the owner of a homebrew store in Philidelphia,
Home Sweet Homebrew or something like that. He said that he had had great
success brewing quality lagers with Fleishman's Yeast. Before you start
laughing, let me explain. This wasn't the dried Fleishman's yeast that you
buy in the baking section in your local grocery, it was a brick of
professional baking yeast that is sold by Fleishman's. He said that
Fleishman's is actually owned by Anheiser-Busch Corp. and they sell bricks
of yeast to bakeries, etc. He said that it was difficult to buy just a
brick of the yeast, that you had to buy a case. The cost was very low per
brick and gave you a large amount of yeast to pitch with. He said to avoid
infection, he cut off the sides of the yeast brick that were in contact
with the paper wrapper with a sterilized knife. It sounded like cutting off
the sides of a pound of butter. Anyway, it sounded intriguing because it
gave you a large source of yeast to pitch in a form that was very storable,
cheap, and didn't involve making a starter. Does anybody have any
experiences with this brick yeast? How pure of a strain it is?

Here is a stupid question? I've been reading all the articles on Wyeast,
but I don't know how it pronounced? wi-yeast (Wy-east), double-u-yeast
(W-yeast). Silly, but I've never had to pronounce the name. I just mail
order it and use it.

-Dave Collins

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