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From: RANDY OLINGER <ROLINGER@12.104.decnet>
Subject: Boiling Pots.
Date: 1992-03-13 15:33:42 GMT

I have a question about my latest purchase. I'd like to preface this
with the statement "I am not an idiot, really".

I recently bought a boiling pot. It is 5 gallons and will work really will
for chili too! Problem is, it is aluminum. I have been told several times
that aluminum is bad (since I made the purchase) but noone really can
tell me why. Closest I have come is that it oxidizes the wort, which makes
no sense since aluminum is not oxygen. I do not wish to re-kindle the
debate about alzheimers disease, lets just say I'm willing to take my
chances there. I'm only concerned with how this will affect my beer, not
my brain. Beer tends to affect my brain enough without the worry of
a debate over how I spell alzhimers. :-)
Anyway...what's the deal with aluminum???

Randy Olinger aka "Shiny Happy Person"

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