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From: (Thomas Manteufel 5-4257)
Subject: A eulogy for Cher Feinstein
Date: 1992-03-13 16:21:57 GMT

Cher Feinstein died March 2 after a several year long battle with cancer.
Long time readers of the Homebrew Digest will remember her as the digest's
authority on mead making, an appellation she earned through experience and
the willingness to share her knowledge. She first became interested in
making mead through her membership in the SCA, a society dedicated to
recreating and preserving the techniques of the middle ages. When she
discovered the digest, she became interested in the wider world of brewing.
I met her through the digest, and while we never met face-to-face,
we did have several interesting electronic discussions. She was always
cheerful and enthusiastic, freely offering advice without being condescending.
The last time we talked, in December, she apologized for not being able to
respond in more depth to my questions, but promised to reply as soon as she
felt better. That was not to be. Even as she was dying, she had the
courtesy to talk to me. Would that we all would display such courtesy to
each other.

Thomas Manteufel NFTFRN

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