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From: (Tony Babinec)
Subject: new shareware program aids formulating beer recipes
Date: 1992-03-13 16:11:20 GMT

I will make this short, sweet, and informational in tone.

Chris Campinelli has written a shareware program entitled Beer Recipe
Formulator (BRF). It runs on DOS-compatible PCs. It's a no-frills
program that's easy to use. You tell it the expected wort volume and
your expected extraction rate. You can call up the target style you
intend to brew, and it pops up the Zymurgy style information. You
then build your recipe by toggling amounts of different grains in.
Once grains are specified, you can go to a hop screen and plan your
hop additions. If you have a local pc printer available, you can
print the recipe out. The grain and hop information exist in editable
files. It's easy to edit the hop data file and put in only hops you
currently have on hand, along with their alpha ratings. The program
will tell you your "expected" starting gravity, IBU, and color in SRM

Standard disclaimer here: I have no financial interest here. I'm
simply a satisfied user. Chris is undoubtedly too modest to put any
promotion in HBD, so I took the liberty of doing it for him. Being
Shareware, if you obtain the program and like it, you might send $15 to
him to be on his mailing list, and help defray costs of manufacturing and
mailing. Chris's network address is:

Sorry, Chris!

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