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From: Gordon Baldwin <!sherpa2!gbaldwin>
Subject: Ripping the Big Boys
Date: 1992-03-13 16:41:16 GMT

I thing the flack we are giving to the BudMilLob breweries is deserved.
I don't think anyone on the digest will disagree with the statement that
they put a lot of effort (read $$) into producing their beer. The
complaint is they only produce ONE type of beer (two if you count dry).
The American Light Lager is a fine style of beer and I enjoy it on
occasion. It is like spending lots of money on a state of the art
kitchen with all the gadgets and cooking only steak and potatos. They
make a fine meal, but I like a little more variety. I think most
consumers would welcome more variety in the commercial beer market, but
most beer drinkers are not even aware that there is any other type

I resent the fact that BudMilLob is pushing so hard dollar wise to make
the American Light Lager the only style of beer available. I have a
little more respect for Coors, as they do produce a few more styles that
are available from time to time. I wish more of the majors would follow
their lead. In the mean time I will stick with the micros here in the
Pacific Northwest. There are few bars around here that don't carry at
least on of the various micros.
- --

Gordon Baldwin

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