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From: steve@caticsuf.CSUFresno.EDU (Steve Mitchell)
Subject: Papazian and "Honeymoon"
Date: 1992-03-13 18:47:50 GMT

I just ran across Papazian's account of the origins of the word
"honeymoon." He contends that tradition had the newlyweds drinking
mead (HONEY) for one month (MOON) after their wedding. This was
supposed to insure fertility and the birth of sons. I assume that
this is Anglo-Saxon in origin.

Please forgive the non technical nature of this question, but I'm
interested if anybody can give me any more information on this
myth. I am specifically interested in any references that I may
be able to find in my university library. Possibly a "history of
mead" would mention the subject? (Of course, speculation is also
welcome :)


- --steve
- --
Steve Mitchell

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