From the HBD Archive
From: "DRCV06::GRAHAM" <>
Subject: Publicly owned micros.
Date: 1992-03-13 17:54:00 GMT

No, NO, 100 times *NNNOOO*.

One of the biggest curses in our society is the publicly held corporation.
I hope all of the decent microbreweries stay private. If they go public,
then the stockholders, whoever they may be, will be king of the brew, not
the owner(s). Stockholders don't care about quality, they care about
PROFIT. I know that a few true blue brewers would purchase stock, but that
might account fot a few percent at most. The force that drives American
business, greed and profit, would reduce the micros to dust in short order.
See Sierra Nevada go public? See A-B purchase 51 % of the stock? See
sierra Nevada Pale Ale Light? See you crying, remembering what snpa *used*
to be? See my point?

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