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Subject: unknown
Date: 1992-03-13 20:38:20 GMT

>From HBD #841, Scott Benton asks:

>I'd like to brew an Italian beer for a family reunion this summer. Does

>anyone have any recipes? Does such a thing exist?

Well I have a Moretti Amber Lager style in lager. Tasts I have taken
while doing SG tests are pretty good. Age should make it better.
Here goes:

OG 1056
FG 1022

3/4 lb Crystal
3/4 Munich
6.5 IREK Munich Amber extract syrup
1.5 oz Cascade 60 min boil
1 oz Hallertauer, steep 5-min before sparge
Wyeast 2206 Bavarian
1 tsp Gypsum
1 tsp Irish Moss

All malt boiled for an hour. I started a yeast culture in 22oz
champange bottle to kick start the brew. Pitched at 83 degrees F and by
morning it was at 50 degrees in the garage. It is now sitting in a
spare refer at 40 degrees. Unfortunately I left the brew on the
its trub for 3 weeks before becoming enlightened about the nastiness
that can introduce. I must admit it has a bit of off-odor. No idea
if this is normal or not.

If anyone does this brew I would like to compare notes.

Tom Gemmell

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