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From: orgasm!davevi@uunet.UU.NET (David Van Iderstine)
Subject: Spiced Ale recipe
Date: 1992-03-15 23:31:13 GMT

This is a composite recipe, designed to mimick Harpoon's latest Winter
Warmer offering. I started with the spice list for Harpoon's Winter
Warmer, as published in the Beer News (or whatever that fine newsprint
rag found in various lobbies is called).

Armed with the spice list, I searched all my HBD back-issues for each
spice. Whenever I found one of the spices being used, I looked for its
relative weight as compared to all other ingredients in that particular
recipe. By doing this for all the spices listed below, I arrived at a
statistical "average" for the relative concentrations of all of them
together. So maybe I should call this "Statistician's Delight"?

Well, a well-respected (I think) beer judge (who shall remain nameless,
but claims to be the "Fastest Homebrewer"-hint,hint) tasted it and
thought it a very good match to the '91 Winter Warmer of Harpoon. Oh
Swoon! He even asked for the recipe! Double Swoon! So, I seem to have
gotten it right. He suggested I post it, so here it is. I personally
LOVE the stuff, and will kill it (I'm sure) in record time. I'm partial
to spiced ales anyway, and tend to drink them all year long, which
means I have to make my own for 3/4's of the year!

Thanks to all the spice-brewers on HBD, from whom I drew my data. Maybe
this proves that composite recipes work well? Does that mean that,
armed with enough recipes, all other recipes possible can be derived
from them? That, and a roomful of typing monkeys?

- ----------------------

BEER NAME: Ersatz Harpoon 1991 Winter Warmer BREW DATE: 08-Feb-92


6 lbs. Laaglander Amber DME extract
1/2 oz. Black Patent malt grain
12 oz. Crystal malt grain
8 oz. Munich malt grain
1.5 oz. Chocolate malt grain
1 lb. Honey (added w/extract)
1 oz. Clusters pellets (6.5->7.5) boiling hops
1 oz. Williamette pellets aromatics
Wyeast British (#1098) yeast
0.5 tsp. powdered nutmeg (8 min. from end) other
1.5 tsp. powdered cinnamon (8 min. from end) other
0.5 tsp. powdered clove (8 min. from end) other
1 tsp. vanilla (5 min. from end) other
1 Tbsp. gypsum
1 Tbsp. 10 minutes from end of boil. Irish Moss
3/4 cup Corn Sugar

01:15 PM Put water on to boil. Added gypsum.
01:15 PM Added grains in boiling bag.
02:10 PM Boil began. Removed grains. Added extract.
02:25 PM Hot break. Bittering hops added.
03:22 PM Heat off. Begin immersion chilling. Aromatic hops in.
03:45 PM Wort at 80. Sparged hops. Added yeast. Rolled carboy.

16-Feb-92 Siphoned to 2nd carboy. Added 1 gal. to fill carboy, since
underfilled @ start. Tried some and it's ready to drink now!
Spices are noticable, but subtle. Good spice balance.
29-Feb-92 Racked again. Second Gravity reading. Added corn sugar,

- ----------------

p.s.-This is the way my recipes come out of Lotus 1-2-3. I have a
"blank" template, w/all procedure steps, ingredients types, headers,
formats, alcohol calculation (from S.G. & F.G.), etc. already filled
in. I just type in name, date, times, & amounts & types of ingredients
and save it. No wort-soaked paper and lost recipes for me anymore!

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