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From: "DRCV06::GRAHAM" <>
Subject: The Big Boys, a different approach.
Date: 1992-03-16 17:26:00 GMT

A post in today's digest reminded me that Coors makes a very good beer in
the augumn/winter, "Winterfest." If the big boys started making decent
beer, with their capacity for stability and repeatability, they'd make
wonderful stuff. Now, they don't because they believe the market isn't
there. The fact is that they have, wittingly, or unwittingly, created the
market to be what it is by their ad campaigns.

Though I couldn't prove it, I bet that if they received enough mail asking
them to make better beers, with specific suggestions and style ideas, they
might listen. The place to start is with Coors. I suggest a letter
writing campaign asking them to make Winterfest on a year 'round basis.
I wonder just what they'd do if they received a couple thousand letters
asking this? Maybe I'm hoping in vain, but I don't think so. It might
take fifty thousand letters, but we ought to be able to generate that
volume if we put our minds to it.

While I'm one of the first to bash the biggies for their beer, I am coming
to think that we homebrewers cannot afford to garnar their ill will. It
seems to me that we are in a position to put a lot of pressure on them to
make good beer. For starters, does anyone have Coors address and the names
of a few top execs?

I don't think for a minute that Coors, A-B or Miller would make good beer
if they didn't think there was a market for it, they aren't in the business
for the art of brewing, but the profit motive can be used in both
directions. I'd like opinions of others on this, am I spinning my wheels,
or is there a chance?

Dan, I want my Winterfest in July, Graham

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