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Subject: cider
Date: 1988-12-29 04:05:50 GMT


I made a batch of cider about two months ago using
only five gallons of commercial apple juice and
Red Star Champagne yeast. After fermenting for
two weeks solid, I primed with 1/2 cup corn sugar.
The result almost, but not quite, entirely unlike
anything I have had before. The flavor is better
than but reminds me of cheep dry champagne.
BTW - the carbonation in the bottles should be
independent of whether sugar was used in the original
recipe. It should depend mostly on the priming sugar.


Checking for infection at various stages of brewing
might be useful. Perhaps also trying to culture
bacteria from supposedly sterilized equipment would
provide clues about sources of contamination. Is
this a good idea?

How can you tell the difference between yeast,
bacteria, and molds in a microscope? Is there a
Peterson's Field Guide to the Microorganisms?
Would a basic book on mircobiology answer these

dave wiley
Intergraph Corp.
!uunet!ingr!wiley or

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