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From: orgasm!davevi@uunet.UU.NET (David Van Iderstine)
Subject: Liquid vs. Dry Yeast
Date: 1992-03-16 18:04:17 GMT

My $0.02 on the matter of liquid vs. dry yeast:

Everyone sez the biggest difference is in contaminants in the dry yeast.
I brewed a dozen batches at least with dry yeast (Munton & Fison Ale) and
had no contamination problems. I use standard sterilization techniques.

My reason for switching to Wyeast was that every ale I made, no matter the
style, had the same subtle "bad taste" running through them. Now, it's hard
to quantify or describe that "bad taste", and I fear that by describing it
as "cardboard" or "cloves" I'm going to open that whole way-too-long flame
session about oxidation again. Suffice it to say that when I switched to
liquid yeast, the bad taste went away. Completely.

I don't believe it to be oxidation-related, or anything else for that matter,
because nothing in my technique changed at all. Except the yeast. I was
often disappointed by the off-flavors in my dry-yeast ales, and no longer
have that problem, so I'm convinced liquid yeast has made the difference.

Maybe contamination in the dry yeast was the culprit?

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