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Subject: more questions
Date: 1992-03-16 18:42:00 GMT

Dear Brewers,

I have a few more questions about wort preparation. First, I've seen
the phrases "cold break"and "hot break" periodically here in the HBD
as well as in other published recipies. What do these phrases mean?
As a beginner (relying largely on extracts and luck...) are these
terms things I need to know now, or when I attempt more elaborate

My next questions are a little embarrassing to ask. I am attempting
my second batch (brewed last Sat. eve.), relying somewhat loosely on
Bravery's recipe for "Super Strong Ale." I should emphasize the
"somewhat loosely" here. The recipe calls for 3 lbs of dark extract
(I'm using approx. 4 lbs of nut brown ale extract); up to 2 gals of
water {??} (I'm using about 2.5); and 2.5 lbs of demerara sugar (I'm
using about 1.3 lbs. light brown sugar mixed with approx. 1.5 lbs
corn sugar). I boiled for 25 min., sat the boiler in a tub of cold
water until the temp. fell to about 65 F. (about 30 min ?), siphoned
into 5 gal. carboy (which will act as single stage chamber), pitched
(dry) and set it out on the back porch under the beer-box. I've sinse
moved it twice (agitating it a bit ?), and it is now fermenting in
the pantry at approx. 75 F. The O.S.G. was *REALLY* high (just over
1.1 {panic begins to set in}) and the taste was as sweet as syrup!

My concerns now are 1) there appears to be whiter/paler areas in the
fermentataion foam (infection?); and 2) will the extraordinarily high
OSG mean that I'm brewing some God-aweful monstrocity? Or that Bravery
really means that this is a "Super Strong" ale? I don't want to brew
a high-octane furnature polish remover, but I'm afraid that's what's
happening.... Oh yeah, there's also a sediment at the bottom of the
chamber, and I think it might be the brown sugar. Fermentation is
going well enough.. almost too well! Is there a peak %-age where
alcohol production ceases? ANY insight is grately appreciated on
this one!!

My firstborn is due on the 17th, but I snuck a peek last Sat. (to assist
me with this next batch, of course). I must say that I'm a little
disappointed with the carbonation, though. Then again, maybe it was
still too early to tell? Any insight?

Thanks, and Happy St. Pat's to all!


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