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Subject: Re: HoneyMoon
Date: 1992-03-16 20:08:36 GMT

I couldn't resist this one:

>From: steve@caticsuf.CSUFresno.EDU (Steve Mitchell)
>Subject: Papazian and "Honeymoon"
>I just ran across Papazian's account of the origins of the word
>"honeymoon." He contends that tradition had the newlyweds drinking
>mead (HONEY) for one month (MOON) after their wedding. This was
>supposed to insure fertility and the birth of sons. I assume that
>this is Anglo-Saxon in origin.

I consulted the Oxford English Dictionary on this one: Herewith follows:

"'The first month after marriage, when there is nothing but tenderness
and pleasure'; originally having no reference to the period of a month,
but comparing the mutual affection of newly-married persons to the changing
moon which is no sooner full than it begins to wane.

"1546-J. Heywood 'It was yet but hony moone.' 1552-Huloet 'Hony mone, a
term proverbially applied to such as be newe maried, whiche wyll not fall
out at the fyrste, but thone loveth the other at the beginnynge excedyngly,
the likelyhode of theyr exceadynge love appearing to aswage, y which time
the vulgar people cal the hony mone.' ... 1656-Blount '...It is hony now,
but it will change as the moon.'"

Sorry, no references there to mead or fertility.

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