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Subject: A weird story
Date: 1992-03-16 22:38:08 GMT

Here's a weird story I heard from a source that I
would normally consider very reliable. According to this
guy, you can stop a bottle of beer from losing carbonation
by sticking a silver spoon down into the neck of the bottle
(thin end first, I suppose). He says that this was real
common when beer tended to come in big bottles and
families tended to have a lot of actual silverware around.
Indeed, that one of the outcries associated with the rise
of stainless steel was that this trick no longer worked.

What do you think about this? He says the silver
"bonds" with the CO2 in some way as to create a "vapor
lock" that stops the CO2 from escaping. I would dismiss
this as total hogwash except that as I mentioned, the
guy is usually really on top of things. He swears up and
down that you can drink half your beer, shove a silver
spoon in, and drink the rest tomorrow.

Anyone else heard anything about this? I have
a silver carving set that barely fits my carboy neck,
but nothing else of silver, so I can't try it.


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