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From: osiris%polari@uunet.UU.NET (J.David Ruggiero)
Subject: The homebrew FAQ...a few modest suggestions
Date: 1992-03-17 06:19:47 GMT

The current FAQ (created by Kurt) is a great start, but needs to be
expanded greatly. Some topics that seem to come up over and over again,
which should be addressed in greater or lesser detail by the FAQ:

- What are the differences between different styles/brands of yeast?

- What is a minimal list of equipment to get started brewing (extract)?

- What is 'all-grain' brewing? Why should I consider doing it?

- What are the differences between various types of barley (2-row, 6-row,

- What kind of equipment do I need to start kegging my beer? Where can I
get it?

I could go on and on, but for now...while it is still small, you should also
consider organizing the FAQ by sections, as it is kind of randomly un-
organized at the moment. Given what's there so far, I'd suggest:

- Introduction (how is beer made, etc)
- Brewing equipment and suppliers
- Brewing techniques
- All-grain brewing
- Recipies and sources (Cat's Meow, etc)
- Resources/clubs/literature (AHA, Zymurgy, Papazian, etc)
- Net stuff (what is the HBD, etc)

Also, you might watch out for assuming that *everyone* has access to ftp
archives and the like. Many of us are at leaf sites and can only dream of
that kind of access that you kids [ :-) ] at institutions of higher learning
take for granted. If other sources are available, you might want to list
them also.

A great start; let's work together on it and then we, too, can smugly answer
questions with the infamous "Look it up in the FAQ!"

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