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From: "(Mr. Tom Denny)" <dennyt@prism.CS.ORST.EDU>
Subject: Lightstruck Mead
Date: 1992-03-18 00:37:17 GMT

Russ asks if Mead can be damaged by light.

Some time ago, I had that same question. No-one seemed to
know the answer (although, I suspect that light won't damage
Mead). I did some research and found an interesting article
about it:

Effect of Infra-red Radiation on the Mataration Rates of
Wine and Mead. J. Zywiel (Przemysl Rolny i Spozywczy,
1953, 173-176; through Polish tech. Abst., Warsaw, 1954,
(ii), 113). "Various fruit wines which were manufactured in
the laboratory, and also by a semi-technical method with
an output of 250 litres(sic) per 24 hr., were exposed to infra-
red radiation. The treatment, which was economical, was
found to cause improvements in taste, aroma and colour
and at the same time to effect pasteurization."

Tom Denny

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