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From: (The Rider)
Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #840 (March 10, 1992)
Date: 1992-03-18 05:20:40 GMT

Jack Writes:
> It's great fun, very rewarding and easy to do in small quantities. I
> demonstrate the process and how to make the necessary equipment in my video.
> Perhaps one of the "reviewers" out there, who received a free copy would be
> kind enough to send it on to you.

Jeez Jack, I don't suppose you're talking about *me* are you? I did review
the bloody thing, and I had a dozen people or so review it. The opinions of
5 of those were posted right here on the net, by the 3 people (other than
myself) that had access... The opinions of the non posters are in line with
mine and of the people that did post. Did you want a blow by blow review? I
feel a *little* guilty for not having posted a personal review, but I
figured you got plenty of feedback from them...

Just for the record: it was our opinion that Jack's video has a place, tho
it's probably not with the HBD community sice it's geared at the very
beginner. As such, it demonstrates a viable technique for making a beer,
and I would recommend some visual instruction to any beginner. It's a bit
hard to pick up miller cold, and make heads or tails of what he's saying
w/out watching someone do it. On the other hand, don't we all learn this
from sobody else? As was pointed out, people had some difficulty w/ the
brewing area not looking sanitary enough. In reality, that's how many of us
probably brew. On the other hand, if you're trying to train newbies you'd
better take such things as sanitation to an extreme. The section on malting
was not necessary, and that guy at Baderbraeu (who can't pronounce the name
of his own brewery) had better be paying you big bucks for the
advertisement. *grin*


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