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From: (volkerding patrick)
Subject: August Schell Ingredients
Date: 1992-03-18 11:59:23 GMT

Well, a number of people have asked about this, so here is the official,
vague and incomplete, August Schell beer ingredient list: (tm)

August Schell Pils: 100% Barley malt (?), Hallertau, Cascade hops. 4.2 %
alcohol. (all alcohol given is by weight)
"Hops are accented in flavor and aroma over a rich, malty background.
Naturally krausened."
Kelly also mentioned to me that the Pils is lagered for 3 months. I'm
not sure exactly what kind of malt goes into it though...

August Schell Weizen: 60% Wheat malt, 40% Barley malt.
Hallertau, Cascade hops. 3.5% alcohol.
"Top fermentation provides a refreshing citrus tang . . . naturally

Schell's Bock: 80% Malt, 20% Corn. Hallertau, Cluster hops. 4.5%
"Reddish-copper color, light caramel flavor (hint, hint :^), heady.

Pete's Wicked Ale: Pale, Crystal, Chocolate malt. Cascade, Chinook hops.
4.0% alcohol.

Pete's Gold Coast Lager: Pale malt, Cara-pils malt. Cascade hops. 3.5%
"Pleasant balance of malt sweetness with robust hops flavor."

Pete's Pacific Dry: Pale malt, Crystal malt, Wheat malt. Hallertau hops.
3.3% alcohol.

I'm leaving out their lower-priced light American lager style beers
because I doubt there's much interest in those. (though they're not bad
for the style)
Oh, Kelly also mentioned to me that they use only pellet hops at the Schell
brewery. One more hint for those of you trying to brew something

Happy brewing :^)


P.S. Just pitched the yeast for batch #3 (all grain batch #1) :^) :^) :^)
Bottled batch #2 four days ago. And, I'm planning to brew another batch
this weekend. I figure I don't ever want the homebrew supply to run
short ;^)

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