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From: "Justin A. Aborn" <jaborn@BBN.COM>
Subject: Stop Clogging Funnel Strainers
Date: 1992-03-18 13:45:11 GMT

I just figured out a new trick.

The funnel I use to pour wort into my carboy has an integrated
strainer that usually gets clogged with hop bits when I transfer
wort from boiler to carboy. What a pain.

The last couple of batches I did the following. Towards the end
of the boil I put my standard, stainless, kitchen strainer into
the boiling wort for 10 minutes to sterilize the strainer.

About one minute before I turn the flame off I start swooshing
the strainer through the wort to catch free floating hop bits,
and dump whatever I catch into the trash.

Several cycles of this gets 90% of the funnel cloggers out of the
wort, and makes the transfer to the carboy much more relaxing.

I use leaf hops without any sort of hop bag for maximum rolling
and mixing of the hops and wort. This procedure makes using this
hop form a breeze.

Brewer and Patriot

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