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From: avalon! (Jeff Mizener)
Subject: Re: Help a first batch? (Aereation & Straining the Wort)
Date: 1992-03-18 16:20:16 GMT

I am fermenting a recipe that's not all that different from John's (an oatmeal porter)*
and I had a similar problem straining the wort into the fermenter. I use a mesh boiling
bag to boil my grains. When I'm done boiling, while the wort is cooking, I clean and sanitize
the bag, then bind it across the top of my fermenting bucket. I ladle (saucepan) the cooled
wort through two layers of mesh. I need to scrape the hops and such off the mesh in
order to get the wort to go through. In the process I aereate a lot. I pitched
one package of Whitbread ale yeast directly into the fermenter and stirred. Then I topped
off with cool filtered water to 5 gallons. The fermentation lock started bubbling slowly
within 4 hours and was going great guns 12 hours later.

The moral to my story is that his problem probably isn't too much aereation.

The question of straining the boil into the fermenter seems to be a bit of a sticky one.
My last batch was two-stage and both in carboys. I strained the boil through a big
funnel with a built-in strainer (very fine) into the carboy. What a pain. I ended
up cleaning the strainer after each small ladle full. I lost a good bit of beer in
the process (why I didn't top-up with water is a question I can't answer...).

Any comments??

*3/4# grains, 6.6# extract, 1.5oz hops boil, 0.5oz hops finish (+ 1# oatmeal boiled 10 min)
If it works, I'll post the recipe.

Relaxing (but not too much, I'm at work...)

Jeff Mizener / Siemens Energy & Automation / Raleigh NC / Intelligent SwitchGear Systems

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