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Subject: unknown
Date: 1992-03-18 20:20:06 GMT

I recently made a batch of pale ale to try to simulate Anchor Steam flavor.

Recipe :

3.3 # light M&F DME
3 # light unhopped M&F ME
1 # Crystal Malt
2 oz Willamette
#1007 Wyeast

1 oz Willamette at start of boil 1 oz at end boiled 1/2 hour sat 1/2 hr
strained into primary pitched 2 cup starter 48 hrs previous at 78 deg.
in primary for 1 week secondary for 2 weeks. Used 1 cup DME boiled in 2
cups water for primer.

I use "Bottled Drinking water" (the kind out of a machine in grocery store)
. My water has a high concentration of calcium and floating solids no clorine.

The taste is close to what I want but the beer is cloudy.

Also has a somewhat 'thin' taste.

I want more hop nose so I am going to dry hop with about an oz. of Nothern
brewer next time and probably use a different bittering hop than willamette.

Any sugestions on the cloudy and thin problems.

I fermented at about 65 degrees.

What about using a lager yeast and fermenting at about 68 deg. ?


-John Yoost

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