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Subject: Protecting carbonation with a silver spoon
Date: 1992-03-18 21:43:00 GMT

What an interesting idea, I said, when I read those posts. So I ran downstairs
popped open three bottles of brew, and gave it a whirl.
Bottle 1 was half-drunk (slurred words, gregarious ;-), so the silver
spoon rested in the neck but wsa dry.
Bottle 2 was nearly full, so the silver spoon was wet.
Bottle 3 was open, full, and had no spoon (control beer)

I kept all three in my refrigerator for 24h. The results: no noticeable
loss of carbonation in ANY of the three. I'm not ready to throw out the
theory, but if you're only talking about a day, there seems to be little
efficacy. Ideas...longer wait? Unrefrigerated? Have some friends over
and conduct a random test with a whole case? I think I would run out of
spoons first.
- --Scott Welker

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