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Subject: Sparge temp
Date: 1992-03-18 23:30:00 GMT

Many of you will recall Jack's informative post on sparge temperature.
This issue seems to have come up again and this got me to thinking.
The details of Jack's experiment are available in the archives but
for clarity, I will summarize here. Basically, what Jack's experimental
data shows, is that a 212F sparge water into a shallow bowl resting on
the top of the grain bed results in a significant drop in temperature
when measured in the grain bed and in the runoff. I can't find my
copy of Jack's post, but suffice it to say that the temp in the grain
bed was about 170F and the runoff temp was somewhere around 160F.

Here's what I'm thinking: maybe the 170F sparge water *already accounts*
for the drop in temperature. Maybe we *don't* want 170F in the grain bed
- -- maybe we want 145F in the grain bed and 130F in the runoff (I'm making
these numbers up -- I've never measured)?

It's Mike's post that led me to wonder about what temp we *really* want
in the grain bed. Comments?


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