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From: (Mark Stevens) <>
Subject: Cats Meow 2
Date: 1992-03-18 19:00:53 GMT

Did you like the "Cats Meow" recipe compilation?

Well then, I've got good news for you. It's grown (and shrunk)!
Karl and I have added all the new recipes posted to this august journal
since Cat^1, plus we've added some recipes taken off rec.crafts.brewing.
Yet the new version is only about 160 pages instead of the more than
200 pages in Cat^1. Recipes are now 2 (or more) to a page and all
introductory BS, blank chapter pages, and appendixes are gone.

The updated version can be gotten off anonymous ftp to the
archives at in the directory homebrew/recipe-book

Some people have said they don't have access to ftp or don't have
PostScript laser printers and could we either send them disks or
a hard copy. Well, send us an e-mail message and we'll arrange
to do this (if you're willing to pay for postage, disks, copying etc.)

Many thanks to the fine folks on this digest who contributed to
this compilation.

- ---Mark Stevens (
Karl Lutzen (

BTW: I count about 270 recipes in this collection!

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