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From: (Norm Pyle)
Subject: Pellets used by the Pros; Dry Hop Timing
Date: 1992-03-19 16:19:33 GMT (volkerding patrick) writes:

>Oh, Kelly also mentioned to me that they use only pellet hops at the Schell
brewery. One more hint for those of you trying to brew something

I've noticed only pellet hops in all of the brewpubs I've visited (roughly 7
in Colorado). I figured they do this for consistency, so they can get the
same hops all year round. Anyone else know more? (Jim Schlemmer) writes:

>My question, however, is not with the method of introduction but with the
timing. I just made a batch last night and put an ounce of cascades in a
hop bag and stuffed it into the carboy. Now I read that Dave waits until
he racks to secondary and I remember that I've heard that before. Can someone
tell me why? Miller has about a paragraph on dry hopping and I don't recall

It is my understanding that you should wait until secondary fermentation for
two reasons: 1) The alcohol content is higher and thus prevents any
bacteria (that are riding on the dry hops) from running away, and 2) at least
with loose hops, it keeps them from floating on top of the foam and wasting
their time. I'm planning on dry hopping my current "Buy American Ale"
tonight or tomorrow (when the Krauesen falls) in this manner. I just thought
of another reason: The shorter you are (in time) from dry hopping to
drinking the brew, the more of that great aroma kick you're going to get...

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