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Subject: It IS a Monstrocity!!
Date: 1992-03-19 16:26:00 GMT

Dear Brewers

Earlier this week I posted a series of questions regarding a potentially
lethal concoction I brewed up over the weekend. My proceedures were
VERY loosely based on Bravery's recipe for "Super Strong Ale." Things
seemed to be going well enough: the fermentation was of such a pace
that I was positive the damn thing was about to sprout legs and walk

Today, however, things seem to have gone sour, and I choose that word
correctly! Fermentation's all but ceased; the kreauseun (?) has fallen
and now there's an odd methane-like odor about the fermentation lock.
It's an odor not too unlike very ripe fruit... And there's precipitation
on the inside wall of the carboy (remember that this is a 2.5 gal batch
using 4 lbs extract and approx. 3 lbs sugar).

Many of you have already E-mailed me personally suggesting that I not
worry too much and realize that I am not brewing an ale per se, but a
barly wine instead. I received further advise about aging and bottling
(that I should rack to a secondary and dilute with a few gals of boiled
water, and let stand to age for at least a few months).

The point I'm at now, however, (and I'm afraid I'm guilty of the highest
of sins -- I've surpassed worrying and have gone straight to panic!) is
to bail out completely and run away bravely! Unless, perhaps this odor
is normal (if still offensive) and I can simply rack to a temporary
container with two gals of PRIMED water and bottle???



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