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Subject: Sparge temp
Date: 1992-03-19 16:13:15 GMT

I also have a question about sparge temp, but the opposite one. I have my
first mash waiting patiently for me to keg it. Okay, it was a parital mash
(2 cans Munton & Fison amber, 10 lbs barley malt, 10 gallon batch) but I
got a high specific gravity (1060) so obviously my extraction rate was good.

My question? I sparged using 130F water directly from my water heater. The
leftover husks were light and empty, and as I said above, I got a good
specific gravity. I also figure that with water that cool tannin extraction
should not be a problem regardless of how long I sparge.

So why all the emphasis on 170F sparging? So you can use maybe a gallon or
so less sparge water?? Obviously temp is important during mashing (I mashed
at 150F) but by the time you sparge the chemical reactions should be complete
and all you are doing is dissolving the malt sugar so it can be drained,
true? And hot tap water does a very good job of this (perhaps not quite
optimal, but as I said above, I can always use an extra gallon of water and
boil it away).

So, am I missing something?

Geoff Sherwood

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