From the HBD Archive
Subject: dryhopping
Date: 1992-03-19 17:28:00 GMT

Jim writes:
>David Resch says:
>>I just toss the loose hops into the secondary fermenter (using a large funnel)
>>and then rack the beer from the primary into the secondary right onto the dry
>>hops. I usually do this after one week of fermentation. I let the secondary
>>fermentation/dry hop conditioning continue for another one to two weeks.
>This sounds like a better method if, as Dave goes on to say, the hops don't
>clog the siphon.

I can concur with Dave that the hops don't clog the racking cane -- I have
one of those orange caps on the end. I simply dump the hops into the
primary as soon as the kraeusen falls. Since I've been making only ales,
and they almost always ferment-out in two weeks, I don't use a secondary.
If I was to use one (e.g. to experiment with keeping the beer off the trub
entirely), I would do just as Dave does: rack onto the hops.


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