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Subject: More dryhopping
Date: 1992-03-19 17:35:00 GMT

I guess I should have read on.

Jim also writes:
>My question, however, is not with the method of introduction but with the
>timing. I just made a batch last night and put an ounce of cascades in a
>hop bag and stuffed it into the carboy. Now I read that Dave waits until
>he racks to secondary and I remember that I've heard that before. Can someone
>tell me why? Miller has about a paragraph on dry hopping and I don't recall
>if he suggests a *time* to dry hop, but I know that he doesn't discuss the
>relative merits of secondary vs. primary hopping. Should I expect anything
>bad to come of not waiting for initial fermentation to cease? This
>morning the wort was rolling and tossing but the hop bag was just sort of
>floating atop the head of foam. Should I make an effort of poking it back

I suggest loosing the bag. I dryhop as soon as the kraeusen falls for the
following reasons:

1. If you dryhop while it is still blowing off or fermenting wildly,
you may a) clog the blowoff tube if you are using one, and b) scrub out
many of the aromatics you are *trying* to add!

2. If you dryhop later, I don't think there is much harm except for maybe
(and this is completely speculative on my part) getting less out of the
hops (my ales are usually done in two weeks, blowoff being the first 3 or


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