From the HBD Archive
From: STROUD <>
Subject: sparge water temp., wyeast, and STUFF
Date: 1992-03-19 22:41:00 GMT

>From HBD #847, Jack S.:

>My point is NOT that boiling water is the ideal sparge temp but that no
> matter what the sparge temp is, the mash itself never sees anything close to
> what is going in.

> Next time you do a sparge, run a thermomenter up and down the lauter tun to
> determine the actual temp profile. With boiling water going in, I get a
> range of 135F coming out to 155F near the top. Matters can only get worse
> using water at the "correct" temp.

Jack, what do you sparge in? And do you do a mashout?

Lots of homebrewers use insulated igloo coolers that are very efficient in
retaining heat. Although I have never probed the actual mash, I find that
when I mashout at 170 F and my sparge water goes in at 170 F, I get the sweet
wort out of the lauter tun at 150 F minimum, usually even hotter depending on
the speed of sparging. In such a setup, boiling water for sparging probably
isn't desirable.
Also, from:

>>My general rule is that I quit sparging when the runoff starts
tasting like tea.

From Jack:
> That is a bit subjective.

Perhaps, but only a bit. It is a very accurate description of what sparge
water tastes like once the sugars are washed out of the grains.
You'd be surprised at ho wort!
Also, >From: (Jeff Frane)

> >Yo. The answer is yes. And why not, indeed?

From Jack:
>Yes, what and why not what?

The first question was: Is the yeast on the outside in a packet of Wyeast?
And the second was: Why not just make a starter using the yeast without
breaking the innner packet?


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